Events wristbands Ltd is a company incorporated in Kenya. Our focus is on the production of a wide range of wristbands. We are located in Nairobi with a print division that is fully equipped to provide all customized wristband print solutions. RFID wristbands are our next frontier.

Africa consists of a highly young population and many companies feel the need to connect better with them due to their more than dynamic nature. this makes them want to do things that are against the norm. Through corporate giveaways and marketing-oriented products that focus on the youth, we are bridging this gap and providing this awesome branded merchandise. We have a dedicated team that is well trained to handle all your needs and provide a quality customer experience.

Our clients include corporate companies, event organizers, experiential marketing firms, clubs and casinos, different sports organizers & Unions, etc.

Events Wristbands Ltd’s marketing philosophy is marked by the tag line “Make the Event Memorable”. This acts as both a directive from top management that the customer must always enjoy the satisfaction of cost savings whenever they place an order and most importantly ensure your message reaches the intended target. Interact with us; we are here for YOU!

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